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Justice beyond pills.

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For Service Users, Individuals Seeking Supports & Mental health Advocates

Meet Agastya


Agastya Jhaveri is an inspiring advocate for mental health rights and a passionate believer in the idea that everyone deserves access to quality mental healthcare. He is particularly interested in exploring innovative approaches to deliver evidence-based mental healthcare in resource-limited settings, such as task-shifting, in order to address the needs of the developing world.

Despite being a high school student, Agastya is already pursuing his interest in psychology and actively engages in various research activities. His blog serves as a platform for him to express his passion for mental health and share valuable insights and information with others.


About us

We want to summarise the diverse critical discussions and arguments in psychiatry into bite sized articles. 

"Madness is not a crime, but denying justice to the mad is."

Bruce Levine

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